Few Tips That Might Help You To Crack Jee Main Exam

With only a few days left for JEE mains, it is necessary to schedule the plan and optimize the time before the exam. It is not surprising that the JEE main is one of the most difficult exams in India. Surprisingly, numerous students out there, are working hard to land in their dream college. The most prominent thing about the exam is, more than 13 lakhs aspirants appear for this exam. As only a few days are left, all candidates must plan their schedule before the exam. What are all the tips and tricks that help to crack the exam in the first attempt? If you really want to show your best in the exam, then please read this article carefully.

Crack Jee Main Exam

Tips to crack the exam

  • Make a schedule

Make an excellent checklist to practice, and revise before the exam. But don’t schedule anything new during the exam, as doing this might confuse you. Whenever you revise the chapter, try to revise it from the exam point of view.

  • Quick revise

As the syllabus of class 11 is a bit difficult, you should devote two or three days to have a quick revision of all the important topics of the class 11th syllabus. Taking short notes during the class hour is proved much more effective for scoring good marks. Short notes are not just the thing to improve your marks, but also an effective way to stay sharp in class. More and more concentration means, more likely it is that you will crack the JEE main in the first attempt.

  • Improve your memory

If you want to practice some previous question papers, you can practice JEE main sample paper 2015 with solution. Memory and concentration level plays an important role when it comes to exam and marks. Make sure that you are consuming vegetables and fruits daily. Consume minerals enriched vegetables during the exam.You can do yoga and meditation to improve your memory as well as concentration level.

  • Revise the question paper

As soon as you have finished all the subjects, revise all the question papers. If you read the previous year question paper, you could get to know what questions are asked, how many points are given, how the practical questions are asked and much more. If you have more than sufficient time, you can take any of the previous year question paper and can write the sample test. If you practice more question papers, chances are much higher that you will hit the exam. If you want to improve the time management, you should practice all the IITJEE mains 2016 question paper.

  • Prepare practical questions

Some questions of JEE main exam could be practical related questions. So focus on preparing the practical related questions. Simply read the practical notebook and lab manuals for better results.

If you are an engineering aspirant and have a burning desire to crackJEE mains at the first attempt, you should practice a lot. Engineering candidates are the one who has a strong motivation to get their dream college. Simply follow these tips and crack your exam. All the best.

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