Shark vs Dyson – Which one is The Best Vacuum Brand


When it comes to the world of vacuum cleaners, it will be hard to come up with a conclusive list of the best units without having Dyson and Shark mentioned therein. In fact, a great percent of comparisons normally feature Shark vs Dyson and this is due to the popularity of the two especially when it comes to pet hair cleaning. Dyson is known for high-end vacuum cleaners with a claim of quality performance while Shark offers cheaper alternatives with the promise of matching the same performance as their rivals. However, when looking at the two, it will be important to understand their real differences in order to make the right decision when making your purchase.

Both Shark and Dyson are easy to maneuver when cleaning your surfaces. Although the upright vacuums e.g. Shark Rotator Professional Liftaway and Dyson Ball Multi-Floor have different technologies (Pro Lift-Away offers a swiveling head while Dyson offers a unique “Ball technology”) the truth of the matter is that they navigate obstacles such as furniture with ease for faster cleaning. When comparing the operation of Shark vs Dyson, you’ll appreciate the improved handling which is more superior to what you get from standard vacuum designs. It’s, however, to note that these two brands have individual cleaners which are worth comparing based on the kind of surface you want to clean.

For example, the best vacuum cleaner for carpets when comparing the two brands will be Dyson Ball Upright which beats their Shark counterparts hands down. On the other hand, Shark Navigator ranks highly as the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood. If you are looking for the best vacuum for both carpets and hardwood, then you’ll discover that Shark Rotator stands out as the best option based on our own assessment and the available user reviews.

When comparing the best upright vacuum cleaners between Shark vs Dyson, many users consider the latter to be unique especially because they operate on the central ball instead of using wheels. On the other hand, Shark’s uprights have canisters which are designed to lift away which gives you a bit more flexibility. Although both Dyson and Shark claim to have powerful uprights which are ergonomic and do not lose suction and have revolutionary maneuverability, we examined the individual claims and found that for example, Dyson Ball Animal 2 is a very powerful and effective vacuum when dealing with dirt, pet hair, and allergens. Its various cyclone suction systems, bagless dust chamber and a central ball which makes it ideal for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning due to its maneuverability.

Although it’s obvious that Dyson has some superior vacuum cleaners, it is also clear that Shark despite being a small manufacturer has also come up with some unique products which offer superior quality but at almost half the price of what you get from Dyson. Whether you are talking of Handheld vacuum cleaners or Stick vacuums, the truth of the matter is that Shark will have something that stands neck to neck with Dyson not forgetting that their pricing is friendly and affordable for many.

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