Saving Tactics used by the 21st century

In the 21st century, the young generations have become too efficient as well as independent. They are keen on saving money everywhere they can since they start working since an early age, which makes them wise as well as mature. They very well realize the value of their hard-earned money, hence they try to save every little amount they can. They have a vigilant eye on the trends and the rise and fall of prices, and they’re always joyous when they save a little money, however they can. Let’s share with you their tips and tricks so that you could smile for Saving money too!

They wait for Sales

Sales, whether online or offline, are much-awaited events! You might think that sales are a hyped phenomena, which is nothing but another ordinary trick for the websites to suck out money from your pockets, but do not stereotype them for all the organisations, because there are e-commerce websites that give out discounts because of they really have appreciation for their fan base, or rather customer base, and they really want their customers to have some profits. Talking about the Big Billion Days of Flipkart, or The Great Indian Sale by Amazon, they’re all amazing times for you to keep a tab on your money, while fulfilling your wishes to possess the items your heart has always urged for. All you got to do is make efforts find when the next sale would be out, and then compare the prices. If you see a difference, Bazinga, you can finally possess your favourite things without being gloomy!

They hunt for discount offers

If they see that no sale is going to take place in near future, and they desire to have something, they don’t lose heart. They comprehend that only they know the value of the money they’ve toiled so hard for; therefore they don’t let it go away. If you’re aloof, almost all the commercial websites have some coupons or offers, through which they gift you cashback. You could Google them, and you’ll see lots of cashback coupons that would return a certain amount of money back from your order. If you explore Flipkart cashback offers, and you’ll drop your jaw on how easily you could save so much money you have wasted till now. Jabong cashback also gives you many offers, where again you find lots of deals to choose from. Also, there are many cashback applications and websites, for example Savemonk, that treat you with the best offers!  The secret is not to give in till you get the best deal!

They perform an analogy between prices

For different things, the prices are not identical online and offline. For instance, if you find the electronic devices cheaper on the e-commerce websites when compared to the real stores available offline, there are a lot other things that are priced less in retail stores than the online shopping websites. If you’re a master in the field of shopping, you should always keep statistics and knowledge of the value of the things currently in the market, so that you don’t have to mourn about losing that extra buck, and you can sit back and relax in peace, cause now you’re a pro in this sector!

“Money saved is money earned.” This quote should be your inspiration.  Spendthrift people may look cool to you while you’re trying to save, but never forget, it is the end result that matters. You’ll save these little amounts and end up bringing all your dreams alive and they might come to you crying over how they have no money and if you could lend some. That moment, would make you feel so proud on your savings. So save in silence, let your result make the noise!

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