What are the requirements for Canada Migration?

Federal Skilled Workers Program

This program is for workers who move to Canada because they have skills and work experience needed for employment there. As of January 1, 2015, the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) Program is being handled by the Express Entry migration framework. All the applicants must first make a declaration or show of interest for Canada migration.

What are the requirements for Canada Migration

The eligibility criterion for this visa specifies that the candidates must have a minimum of one year’s experience in constant, full-time or equivalent paid work within the past 10 years in the skilled occupation. According to the National Occupational Classification the work experience must be Skill Level A, Skill Level B, or Skill type 0. Furthermore, the candidates must acquire at least 67 points. These points are determined by the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) components for immigration determination.

To apply for the FSW Program, the candidate must have experience in some skilled trade. This includes carpentry, gardening, and others. Other than satisfying the basic eligibility criteria, the candidate must also have proficiency in either English or French. He or she must have a confirmed job related to their skill. They need to have experience working in the aforesaid skill for at least 2 years.

Canada Express Entry

This was introduced in January 2015 to shorten the processing time that Canadian visas normally take and is considered as one of the best ways to get permanent resident Canadian visa. This is a point based system that allows candidates to have an organized approach. This system provides the manpower needed for the labour market of Canada.

To score points, the factors that play a part are education, work experience, age, language skills, and much more. Three other immigration programs too can apply under this. They are the Federal Skilled Worker Program (mentioned above), the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Along with this, one can avail of the Provincial Nominee Program. This allows territories to select candidates as per the demand in the market. The eligibility criterion for this program includes these points.

  1. You must take a language test and show the resultant score. However, the scores are valid only for two years.
  2. Foreign applicants must present EducationalCredential Assessment (ECA) report. This report should be parallel to the Canadian education system. This ECA report has validity for 5 years only.
  3. Under the multiple point factors, you need at least 67 points when you are a candidate for the visa. This makes you eligible for Canada Express Entry System.
  4. All candidates must apply online to the system and provide their EOI (expression of Interest).
  5. They must wait for the invitation to apply. Once they get this, they must show the health and character certificates.

Canadian Experience Class

People who are already living in Canada and working there can apply for a visa through this program. To be eligible, the candidate must have at least one year working experience in Canada. You should have language proficiency in either English of Canada. These conditions are in addition to the basic eligibility criteria.

Under this, the IRCC will conduct a draw to determine the best candidate. They will be given the invitation to apply. This draw is called the Canada Express Entry Draw. Every draw has a separate qualifying mark. Once a candidate gets these qualifying marks, the IRCC sends the ITA.

These are some of the programs through which one can get Canada immigration permanent resident status subject to if they meet the criteria.


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