Paediatric Treatment For Children

I with my family have shifted to Mumbai recently due to our job responsibilities. I have a son Rihaan who is 5 years old. I have chosen a good school for him in thane and he goes there daily for his self-studies. He is in class one and knows many things by now. One day he came back from school and he was complaining of something which pricked him in his back. I removed his shirt and saw there were 2-3 fluid filled blisters which made him pain so much. I told him it was normal and assured him it will be fine by tomorrow.

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The next morning, I saw the blisters have increased and has spread across his whole body. He had an excessive itching sensation and pain. Since we had shifted recently to Thane, I was searching for a good child specialist in Thane to show progress of my child. But since this came up I called up, I called many of private clinics for taking appointment from them. Some were closed due to Sunday but one was open, so I took appointment early morning for next day. In my quest for the perfect doctor I paid attention to a couple of points. First and foremost I did a reference check of the doctor and secondly I made it a point to have one eye on the budget.

I drove Rihaan to the child specialist clinic, the clinic was well maintained with lots of informative posters. We reached 10 minutes before time, so we were waiting for our turn. I and my son was called inside paediatrician’s chamber, she made my son comfortable with her and enquired me about his problem. She examined my son properly and saw some itchy rashes which were turning to fluid filled blisters. She looked to check his temperature through a thermometer and found fever. The itchy spots were all over his arms, legs, chest, and face. She diagnosed it to be chicken pox which is a viral infection and is highly infectious. She assured these spots will turn into scabs and finally dry out become crusted and skin will fall ultimately in few weeks’ time.

She recommended to give paracetamol to control fever, pain and discomfort caused due to chicken pox. The child should be isolated from everyone else as infection spreads. Encourage the child to avoid itching or scratching as it leads to scars later. Ask your child to take full rest and distract his mind so that he avoids itching. She asked me to give him baths often and make him wear loose comfortable clothes. She advised me to apply calamine lotion frequently to ease his itchiness. He should be made to sleep with Neem or Indian lilac tree leaves as they have anti-infection properties. Make sure the bedding and clothing should be washed with anti-infective agents regularly.

She enquired if Rihaan was vaccinated for chicken pox which is given at 18 months of age. I told, I had forgotten that vaccination and hence the problem has occurred. Chicken pox vaccine is free under national immunization program schedule even at this age. I went home took all the measures and the precautions as told by one of the best child specialist in Thane, my child Rihaan was well soon.

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