Learning the Parts of a Sewing Machine

The Power Switch is an important part of the swing machine. This part turns the device on and off. It is frequently used. In the different model it is placed in different places of the machines generally, it is placed in the back of the machine or on the top of the machines. Older models may not have power switches. These machines are powered when they are plugged in. Nearly all electric sewing machines, in the case or computerized electronic, mechanical have a power switch.


Unplugging of your sewing machine is the best way to intercept damage happen by power surges, especially during severe downpour or power outages. The power switch may be separate from the one controlling the machine light. Whenever the machine doesn’t have a power switch, consult plugging it into a safety strip with a master switch. Whenever children frequent around the sewing area, a power switch is a safety option.

The Spool Pin is also the important part of the sewing machine. After discovering the power switch, we can now look for the spool pin. This is a teeny pin that is designed to bear your spool of thread. It is generally located on the top of the machines and is made of metal or plastic.

Stitch Adjustment Buttons is a part of the small sewing machine. This may be switches or an electronic one or manual buttons, depending on your machine model. However, the point of it is the same no matter which one it is, to select the type, direction, and length of the stitch.

The Thread Guide This is a teeny funny shaped lead with a simple purpose. It is well designed to guide thread from the spool to the bobbin winder.

The Bobbin Winder Stopper and Bobbin Winder – A bobbin is a cylinder without or with flanges. It is a teeny horizontal wheel that is used to wind thread onto your bobbin. Next, to the bobbin winder, a small pin called a bobbin winder stopper.

Tension Dial having a proper tension Dial on your sewing machine is excellent because it makes sure that your stitching will be compatible and look the same on both sides. Tension Dial is a wheel with numbers on it. It is generally located near the take-up lever

Take-Up Lever is used in the sewing machine for threading. The Take-up lever is situated above the presser foot of a sewing machine.

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